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Anderson Composites Anderson Composites 15-18 Ford Mustang Type-OE Double Sided Carbon Fiber Decklid AC-TL15FDMU-DS

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Type-OE double sided carbon fiber decklid for 2015-2020 Ford Mustang

*Carbon fiber "skeleton" bonded to underside of carbon fiber trunk - reduced weight

*Mounts with OE hardware (not included)

*Does not have holes drilled for wiring harness (dimples are present for drilling).  

*Does not fit convertible model 

*We do not recommend installing or re-installing high profile wings or spoilers; extra large wings and spoilers create down-force which will cause damage to the carbon fiber.  Call for details.

*Hand crafted; approximate weight 10.2 lbs.(stock decklid weighs 21.0 lbs.)