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ARH C6/Z06 Corvette Race Headers

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With power levels often exceeding 1000 Rear Wheel HP on C6 and ZO6 models from 2005 and up, we felt there's a demand to provide a header system to fill the need for maximum effort Supercharged, Nitrous Oxide assisted or Naturally Aspirated applications that require something considerably more than a standard off the shelf system. Now available to the ARH line up are header systems with 2" X 2-1/8" primaries with 3-1/2" merge style collectors and a 3-1/2" X-Pipe mid section that reduces to 3" to allow an easy bolt on to a 3" ZO6 muffler system or equivalent. The system is fully tig welded and all 304 S/S. Other features include 3/8" thick flanges with hand ported inlets, V-Band clamps, for a clean and easy collector to X-Pipe transition and connection, and excellent fit and finish. These system can handle nearly anything you can throw at them. They're also available without 3" connection pipes and end at 3-1/2" mid way for open header types drag or road racing (pictured). Feel free to call us to discuss your upgrades and we'll set the system up to suit your exact needs.

Note: Mild clearance work of sheet metal lip near right side collector needed for standard C6.