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Autometer Phantom 52mm 30inHG/30psi Digital Boost Controller 5782

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Putting together the most advance feature set ever seen in boost controllers, Auto Meter has redefined the category. These Auto Meter Electronic Boost Controllers are packaged in a familiar and easy to install 2 1/16 in. gauge housing, they offers some of the most powerful functions ever assembled for safely extracting the most performance possible from your forced induction application and the level of precision, response and durability racers have come to trust within the Auto Meter performance instrument range. Intuitive programming menus operated right through the controllers (no separate software or interface modules are required) make setup and use incredibly easy. Power is nothing without control. They are designed specifically for turbocharged gasoline engine combinations running up to 30 PSI of boost pressure.

*Auto Meter Electronic Boost Controllers Feature:*
* High/Low boost modes: pre-program and set two different configurable boost settings that can be switched between on-the-fly with the push of a button, perfect for performance track day cars and racing applications
* Boost By RPM/Boost by gear: integrating Auto Meter's most advanced digital tachometer circuit, your boost curve can be tuned precisely by 500 RPM increments to minimize wheelspin and put more power to the ground
* One touch gear capture: instantly capture each gear with the push of a button, drive normally in your chosen gear and hit the capture button
* Peak boost recall: one touch recall of the highest boost pressure achieved during a given time
* Configurable warnings with overboost protection: easy to set parameters provide a full face flashing warning if boost pressure moves beyond your settings to quickly alert the driver. The warning doubles in speed if boost pressures exceed your programmed settings by 2 PSI or more
* Pro control uutput: using your programmed high and low boost settings, the Auto Meter boost controllers can automatically trigger external devices such as water methanol injection, intercooler sprayers, nitrous solenoids or other devices that can be activated via relay
* Pro control input: can also be controlled by external devices, any ground signal sent to the pro control input will immediately back boost levels down wastegate spring pressure
* Display: highly versatile, boost pressure reading units represented on the Digital LED display can be selected via the user button interface
* Data logger output: configurable scale 0-5v analog voltage output in either PSIA or PSIG allow for signal sharing / boost readings with other performance electronics such as data acquisition systems or engine control units
* Tach/Speed signal diagnostic: on board real time diagnostics to verify the presence and correct operation of both of these inputs

Phantom/Phantom II Series Boost Controller Gauge
Bezel Color
Bezel Style
Super Bezel
Cup/Hole Size
2-1/16" (52.4mm)
Dial Color
Lens Style
Flat, Clear
Lighting Color
Red LCD/Red Yellow Green Segments
Lighting Type
7 Segment LED
Outer Bezel Diamter
Pointer Color
30 IN HG/30 PSI
2-1/16" (52.4mm)