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Fore Innovations 14+ C7 Corvette Dual Pump Fuel System 78-200

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Looking to upgrade your 2014+ C7 Corvette Fuel System? This is a Dual Pump Kit to support E85 and rated over 1000whp. Please give us a call if you would like to customize this kit and we can go through the options with you.


The kit includes the following options:
    • Primary Fuel Pump - TI Auto F90000274
    • Secondary Fuel Pump - TI Auto F90000285
    • Electrical Upgrade - FC3 Staged Controller with 4 gauge wiring
    • Fuel Line -FlexLP -8 Feed / Return
    • Filtration Media - Stainless Steel
    • System Options - 0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge
    • System Options - Honeywell Pressure Switch for FC3
    • System Options - Flex Fuel Sensor Intercept fittings
MAP or static referenced direct injection supply fuel system up to 1000 rwhp with dual fuel pumps (recommended to run one pump full time, then activate secondary pump under load). Supplies High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) and auxiliary port injection or wet nitrous. Includes in-tank supply system that retains OE transfer, fuel level senders, and EVAP functionality, upgraded feed and return lines, high capacity filtration and check valve, flow through t-block direct mounted on HPFP inlet tube, high capacity F2i regulator with provisions for static reference.

Fuel system becomes E85 capable by choosing F90000267, F90000274, F90000285 fuel pumps AND micro-glass SSD or stainless filtration.

Tuners are still working out the integration into the OE electrical system. Fore Innovations will provide detailed assistance on function of supplied components; however, we will not provide assistance with integration/tuning.

This fuel system will allow fuel to vaporize at the HPFP inlet and places the HPFP at risk for starting dry. Fore Innovations recommends an auxiliary prime method be implemented to ensure liquid fuel (not vapor) is supplied to pump before engine start. We offer an optional prime button and time; however, we have found that some installers/owners prefer the prime function be assigned to the brake pedal or clutch pedal.

  • 2014+ Corvette C7 Dual Pump Module
  • F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator (MAP reference or static)
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
  • FCV Check-valve
  • T-block to direct mount on HPFP
  • OE fuel pressure extension pigtail
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing
-35 feet of fuel line (your choice)
-10 billet compression style hose ends
-Qty 4, billet low profile 90 degree AN to o-ring fittings
-Qty 3, billet straight AN to o-ring fittings
-Qty 1, 3/8 EFI female to ORB-10 male adapter
-Qty 1, AN union with C7 fuel pressure sensor adapter
-Qty 10, hose straps with stainless mounting screws