Holley Standard Height LS Valve Covers for Dry Sump Applications - Polished 241-93

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Aftermarket LS valve covers are common. BUT, if you have a LS7 or performance LS with a dry sump, you don't need or want a fill allowance on your covers. Holley has a version of their refined looking coil on valve covers for you. These simplified looks and correct for your dry sump covers are the same used on all ARCA series LS engines.


  • No oil fill allowance for dry sump applications
  • Perfect for LS7 engines
  • Angled coil mounts deliver a smooth clean look
  • Retain the high-tech look and performance of “coil on cover”
  • Eliminates unsightly OE style coil brackets
  • Reuses original gaskets and bolts
  • Fits all LS engines using LS2, LS3, LS7 or similar coils with 72mm bolt spacing
  • Clearance for .750” lift cam with stock style rocker arms
  • Holley’s LS covers use proven OE style baffles and vents
  • Angled coil mounts deliver a smooth clean look
  • Available in Natural, Polished & Black Krinkle
  • Adapter required for PCV plumbing