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Paxton NOVI 2200SL Black Supercharger Tuner Kit with Air to Air Charge Cooler Ford Mustang GT 5.0L 15-19 1001867SL-1B

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The Paxton H.O. Tuner Kit allows you to supply your own fuel components and calibration for your 2015 Mustang 5.0 GT. The NOVI-2200HD supercharger is capable of up to 1000HP on highly modified vehicles with custom tuning and upgraded hi-flow fuel systems. For the serious enthusiast who wants serious power upgrades from street system include NOVI 2200 H/D compressor, 8-Rib drive upgrade, and Maxflow Competition Air Inlet. Heavy duty (H/D) oil fed compressor configuration includes high speed, ceramic hybrid ball bearings, suitable for race applications and/or high boost, high horsepower street use. Easy to install dual plate mounting system combines rigidity with light weight for an optimized mounting solution. All pulleys and hardware included. Air inlet assembly is features high-flow construction, and includes 98mm MAF housing configured for "blow through" use. An integrated air straightener upstream of the MAF housing allows for enhanced drivability, while the included Maxflow Race Bypass Valve assures surge-free compressor operation.

The Paxton's 3" aluminum charge tubes are mandrel-bent for maximum airflow and minimal weight, while the air/air charge cooler is welded for strength. The kit is connected together with rugged stainless steel clamps. Billet aluminum and steel mounting brackets provide confident holds under high-intensity runs.

The Novi H/D Supercharger compressor is an industry-leading, self-lubricating design. That means you don't need to route oil lines, and you'll never need to worry about servicing your supercharger's oil system with removal. Effective gear lube and bearing temperature control's all provided by the Novi's uniquely configured transmission housing. A remote fluid drain hose and additional fluid is provided for simple change-outs without removal.

This kit does not include fuel components or calibration, and custom dyno tuning is required for safe operation. Failing to tune properly will result in severe engine damage and failure.


  • Tuner Kit Intended for Race Use Only
  • Capable of up to 1000HP
  • High Output Novi 2200 H/D Supercharger
  • Requires Custom Dyno Tuning
  • Race-Ready Construction


  • Ford Mustang GT 5.0L 15-19


  • Actual product may vary from photos.
  • Tuner kits are not smog legal in California. Off-road use only.
  • Not Smog Legal in California