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Shearer Fabrications 2000hp, Single In/Out

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Our unique, front mount style, Liquid/Air Intercooler is a great option to fit a liquid cooler into the front end of your vehicle. These are great for applications that require a compact option to support up 230lb/min of airflow or for space limited vehicles that can not fit an adequately sized Air/Air

The foundation of this intercooler is two 1000hp Garrett Intercooler cores. Proven time and again to be the absolute best intercooler cores on the market. The USA made aluminum sheet is cut in house on our CNC machines, formed in house by experienced craftsman and professionally welded by some of the best welders in the industry.

While we rate these for 2000hp their cooling capabilities are largely dependent on having adequate water flow and on how efficient your Turbocharger(s), or Supercharger, is. We have seen airflows as high 270lb/min(~2700hp) through this core arrangement with just under 3psi pressure drop. Here are some reasonable limitiations you can expect from this cooler while maintaining it's efficiency to adequately cool your intake charge, from our experience...

Single Turbo: Pro Mod 98mm, GTX2 98mm. In a former "Street Outlaw" class, 4.3x@168mph 1/8mile, ~400ci, 35psi application you can expect this cooler to typically maintain a temp rise of approximately 40-50deg through an 1/8 mile pass. Maintaining a ~60deg start temp and typically ending around 100-110deg on a typical summer day with 85deg ambient temps.

Legal X275 85/88mm turbocharger combinations can expect a 15-25deg climb throughout an 1/8 mile pass with the same parameters listed above.

Twin Turbo: 7675's seems to be the reasonable limit with this cooler. At 220lb/min(~2200hp) worth of airflow on a 413" LSx application IAT's typically rise 30deg within a 1/4 mile pass in 105deg ambient temps. At 3400lbs this application has been 7.2@200mph in a 3400lb car.

Supercharger:We have several cars running our 2000hp Intercoolers in Ultra and NMRA Renegade class cars. With an F1-A or V30-94 this core will maintain a consisent 60-70deg through a 1/4 mile pass as long as there is sufficient cooling capacity.