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Shearer Fabrications HiRam Intercooler, 2000hp

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Gearheads are always pushing stuff to their limit. So we introduced this 1" thicker HiRam cooler for those of you who like to push things and have the room to fit it.

Overall thickness of the cooler measures a stout 6" and is capable of cooling up to 2000hp of airflow with less than 1.5psi of pressure drop!! Designed to work with intake manifolds that are flanges with the popular Holley HiRam flange pattern.

-Largest Intercooler available for the Hi-Ram Intake!!
-Billet Aluminum Flanges.
-6" Overall height.
-16ORB Water Connections.
-O-Ring included to properly seal the lid.
-12pt alloy steel bolts.
-Made in the USA!

Note!! If you are using this intercooler with a HiRam manifold with the OLD bolt pattern you will need to order our Retrofit Parts Kit