Vortech Superchargers

Vortech 1986-1993 Ford 5.0 Mustang High Output Supercharger System

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No POWER ADDER company produces more products for the '86-'93 Fox Body Mustang than Vortech. For more than 20 years, we have demonstrated our product leadership with our wide range of super-efficient centrifugal superchargers. From complete, 50-state emissions-legal, 6 psi starter systems to full-blown (literally) 2,500+ horsepower V-20 series superchargers, Vortech has you covered.

Vortech's Fox Body Mustang Systems are available as either a complete, fully calibrated bolt on, or as tuner kits for custom installations for 2,500+HP. We offer several Superchargers to choose from for your Tuner or Super High Output system. See the supercharger page or call the Vortech tech line for assistance. The engine oil lubricated V-2 supercharger is the preferred unit for sustained boost such as circuit road racing; also, a dedicated oil cooler and/or filter can be fitted.