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Vortech V-1 H/D Si Supercharger

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Performance Specs

Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.45:1
Max Speed: 55,000‰ۡó»ÌÎÌÊÌÎ_ÌÎÌà_RPM
Max Boost: 26‰ۡó»ÌÎÌÊÌÎ_ÌÎÌà_PSI
Max Flow: 1,150‰ۡó»ÌÎÌÊÌÎ_ÌÎÌà_CFM
Max Power: 775‰ۡó»ÌÎÌÊÌÎ_ÌÎÌà_HP
Peak Efficiency: 78%

Performance specs apply to units equipped with heavy duty gearcase.


Discharge OD: 2.75"
Inlet OD: 3.5"
Discharge ID: 2.38"
Inducer Diameter: 3.1"

Ideal for latest generation of improved breathing, high-power street and strip engines. Vastly improved flow and efficiency at high boost levels, providing completely new levels of power gain.