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Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger Tuner Kit Black Chevrolet Camaro SS 16-18 4GT218-114L

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The Sixth-Gen Camaro SS is a serious contender - lighter, sleeker, and more aggressive, the new SS and its LT1 engineis just begging for some efficient Vortech Supercharged boost to be added under the hood. Chevy fanatics, Vortech has answered your call! With a street system that is quick and easy to install, and the ability to upgrade to the V-7 YSi Supercharger for applications up to and exceeding 1,200+ horsepower, Vortech Superchargers has all the horsepower and boost you have been waiting for! Do yourself a favor - take a ride in a Vortech Supercharged car and permanently change your perception of performance.


  • V-3 Si compressor with 34 tooth pulley:
    • 3.60" jackshaft input pulley; 30 tooth output
    • M
  • Air inlet assembly:
    • K&N air filter
    • Stainless steel exhaust heat shield
    • Crankcase breather hose and connections
  • Mounting bracket assembly:
    • Billet aluminum and steel supercharger plates. Rigid mount features multiple position idler location for a wide range of belt and pulley fits
    • Idlers, drive belts and all hardware
  • Discharge components:
    • Welded air/air charge cooler ( 18.7? L x 15? T x 3? core ) with integrated brackets and MAF provision
    • Mandrel bent aluminum charge tubes for high flow and minimal weight
    • Stainless steel clamps
    • Silicone sleeves
    • Plug-and-play MAF sensor extension harness
    • Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass Valve with filter
  • Misc. release notes:
    • Tuner kits do not include MAP sensor or ECU programer. Custom ECU programming will be required
    • Installation time is rated at 7-10 hours
    • Optional drive pulley ( cog ) ratios available


  • Chevrolet Camaro 16-18


  • Pulley removal may reduce or void the supercharger unit warranty
  • Tuner kits are not emissions legal for on-road use