Wiseco Chevy LS / Gen V LT1 6.125in - BoostLine Connecting Rod Kit LS6125-927

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Wiseco Performance Products' Engineering team has created their all-new BoostLine connecting rods for a wide variety of applications. The patent-pending 3-pocket design has been engineered specifically for demanding turbocharged, supercharged and big nitrous applications. These connecting rods are ideal for today's high horsepower engines and provide 60% more bending strength compared to common H-beam rods! Each rod is designed, finished and inspected in the USA and includes an inspection report from Wiseco's quality team.

The BoostLine connecting rods are a scratch design that takes the best attributes of an H- and I-beam rod and merges them into one. Even though the BoostLine rod is designed for heavy duty use, Wiseco was able to keep the rod relatively light without compromising strength.

Designed specifically for high horsepower forced induction and nitrous applications
60% increase in bending strength vs. H-Beam
Patent Pending high strength 3-pocket design
Machined from premium 4340 forged steel
High quality ARP Bolts included
Inspected and finished in the USA (Mentor, Ohio)